How Do Multihead Weigher Work?

2023-05-26 17:20:28

How Do Multihead Weigher Work?

 multihead weigher is a type of electronic scale commonly used in high-speed packaging lines. The scale uses a series of weighing heads or load cells to measure the weight of the product as it passes through the weighing heads. The weighing heads are mounted on a common frame and arranged in such a way that product flows continuously through them.

Multihead Weigher

This scale has several advantages over traditional mechanical scales. First, it can weigh products more accurately than mechanical scales. Second, it can handle high-speed packaging lines. Third, it is less likely to damage fragile products than mechanical scales. Fourth, it takes up less space than a mechanical scale. Finally, it is easier to maintain and keep clean than a mechanical scale.

Why Use A Multihead Weigher?

Multihead weighers are essential equipment for any business dealing with bulk solids/powders, granules. They provide a fast and accurate method of measuring very small quantities of product and are ideal for use in production line settings.

1. Save time

Multihead scales can weigh products faster than by hand. This saves a lot of time if you weigh a large number of products every day.

2. Accuracy

When you weigh products by hand, it's easy to make mistakes. Even the slightest mistake can affect your measurements and cause subsequent problems.

3. Cost saving

If you have to keep adjusting measurements because of inaccuracies, it could end up costing you more in the long run. By investing in a quality multihead weigher, you can avoid these costly mistakes and ensure your business runs as efficiently as possible.

Multihead Weigher

What To Consider When Choosing A Multihead Weigher?

1. The capacity of the scale. How many products do you weigh at one time?

2. The accuracy of the scale. How accurate do your measurements need to be?

3. The weight range of the product to be weighed. Make sure the scale can accommodate both the lightest and heaviest products you will use it with.

4. The size of the product being called.

5. Any special features.

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