What are the advantages of the small bag packaging machine?

2022-12-07 16:13:54

Advantages of sachet packaging machine:

small packaging machine

1. Structural design standardization and modularization

When using one packaging machine to complete the packaging of different materials, the modular design of the original model can be used to quickly change specifications or convert to other packaging models in a short period of time.

2. High-speed packaging

In recent years, many companies have launched multi-column packaging machines (from 2 to 10 columns), which can greatly increase the packaging speed.

3. High precision of structural movement

Due to the adoption of various new technologies, such as high-precision mechanical control of various actions through servo motors, encoders, digital control (NC), and dynamic load control PLC.

4. Intelligent and flexible control

The electronic display shows the bag cutting length, packaging speed, net content of filling and packaging output, etc., which can be understood at a glance.

5. Diversified packaging forms

Triangular bag, back seal, three-side seal, four-side seal, double-linked bag, chain bucket, upper film, lower film, reverse pull film, special-shaped bag, etc.

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