What products can a pillow packaging machine pack?

2022-10-31 15:48:56

Pillow packaging machines are one of the most common machines in the packaging industry. So which products are suitable for pillow packaging machine?

Pillow packaging machines

Applicable to the following three categories of products:

1. Candy and chocolate. Currently, most candy and chocolate manufacturers use pillow packaging.

2. Disposable toothpaste, toothbrush and chopsticks. The basic structure of these products is similar to candy packaging. The difference is in the packaging material. Some foods are packaged with polyethylene film, some are packaged with composite film, and the requirements for daily necessities are less important.

3. Industrial supplies, such as semi-finished toys and even some hardware products, are basically the same in structure and performance. Any bulk material can be packed by pillow packing machine.

Therefore, in the packaging industry, the pillow packaging machine is known as one of the most commonly used packaging equipment in the packaging equipment industry.

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