Combo Metal Detector And Checkweigher

2024-01-26 16:04:37

Combo Metal Detector And Checkweigher is a combination system designed for quality control and assurance in various industries,particularly in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.This integrated solution allows manufacturers to simultaneously check for metal contaminants and ensure that products meet specified weight requirements. Here are key features of a combo metal detector and checkweigher:

Combo Metal Detector And Checkweigher

Conveyor System:

The system typically includes a conveyor belt that transports products through the inspection area. This conveyor is often designed to handle different types of products and sizes.

Metal Detector Head:

The metal detector component of the system is equipped with a detection head that uses electromagnetic fields to identify metal contaminants within the product. If metal is detected, an alarm is triggered.

Checkweigher Load Cells:

The checkweigher part of the system is equipped with load cells that measure the weight of each product as it passes through the conveyor. This allows for the verification of product weights against predetermined targets.

Control Panel:

A centralized control panel provides operators with an interface to set and adjust various parameters for both the metal detector and checkweigher functions. It may include settings for sensitivity, rejection criteria, weight targets, and more.

Reject Mechanisms:

Combo systems include reject mechanisms to remove non-compliant products from the production line. These mechanisms can include air jets, pushers, or conveyor belt retraction, depending on the design of the system.

Data Logging and Reporting:

Many combo metal detector and checkweigher systems come with data logging capabilities. This allows for the recording of inspection results, including information on metal detection events, weight variations, and other relevant data. Reporting features aid in quality control and regulatory compliance.

Integration with Production Line:

The system is integrated into the production line, usually after the packaging stage. This seamless integration ensures that the inspection process does not disrupt the overall manufacturing flow.

Adjustable Settings:

Operators can often adjust settings such as metal detection sensitivity and weight tolerances to meet specific product requirements.

Hygienic Design:

Especially in industries like food processing, these combo systems are designed with materials such as stainless steel to meet hygiene standards and facilitate easy cleaning.

User-Friendly Interface:

The user interface is designed to be user-friendly, allowing operators to easily configure, monitor, and troubleshoot the system.

Combo Metal Detector And Checkweigher

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