What Detection Parameters Does Metal Detector Machine Record?

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How To Maintain The High Performance Of The Metal Detector?

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What Are The Advantages Of Multi-Lane Check Weigher Machine?

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Which Products In The Textile Industry Can Be Detected By Metal Detectors?

Different types of metal detectors may be suitable for different types of textile products, and the specific selection should be made according to the characteristics and requirements of the products. 

Why Does The Metal Detector Not Recognize Metal Foreign Objects?

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Dog Food Pet Food Pouch Packaging Machine !

Cat food and dog food packaging machinery and equipment save time and pressure, allowing enterprises to gradually narrow the gap in the development process. 

Intelligent Checkweigher Is Widely Used In The Industry !

Dynamic weighing equipment has a wide range of applications, mainly used in the food and beverage industry .

How To Maintain Multihead Weigher In Daily Life?

During maintenance and testing, the power supply of the Multihead Weigher must be cut off, the power cord must be unplugged, and it must be operated by professionally trained maintenance personnel.

What Should Food Metal Detectors Pay Attention To?

1. The food metal detector must be stored in a dry, dust-free and vibration-free area.

2. The internal channel of the metal detector should be kept clean and free of dust.

Intelligent Checkweiger Is Widely Used In The Industry !

Shanghai Shigan has many types of checkweighers, including small-range checkweighers, large-range checkweighers, multi-level checkweighers, multi-lane checkweighers, capsule tablet checkweighers,metal detector and checkweigher combo for various industries. One machine, etc. 

Choose "Dynamic weighing" or "Static Weighing"?

When we have material weighing needs, should we choose "dynamic weighing" or "static weighing"? What are the differences? How can we choose the right weighing instrument so that it can play its due role? Hope this article can help you!

What Are The Advantages Of Mechanized Weighing Sorter?

With the development of seafood agricultural technology and the improvement of economic consumption level, there are more and more varieties of seafood, and people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of seafood. In order to improve the processing quality and product grade of products, strict quality classification and specification classification are required to meet diverse needs.

How Do Multihead Weigher Work?

A multihead weigher is a type of electronic scale commonly used in high-speed packaging lines. The scale uses a series of weighing heads or load cells to measure the weight of the product as it passes through the weighing heads. The weighing heads are mounted on a common frame and arranged in such a way that product flows continuously through them.

How Does A Weigh Labeler Work?

Before the weighing machine works, set the standard weight and overrun deviation of each box of objects (for example: standard weight 20g, lower deviation 2g, upper deviation 2g). When the equipment is working normally, the object passes through the weighing machine, and the weighing machine weighs the actual weight of the object.

Why Do Companies Use Checkweighers?

Checkweighers are essential instruments in the food, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries.

Which is the best metal detector to buy?

If you want to ensure that your products are not mixed with metal foreign matter, you can choose the fully automatic metal detector from Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd.

Why is the sauce filling machine essential?

The sauce filling machine can fill: chili sauce, bean paste, peanut butter, sesame paste, jam, beef sauce, mushroom sauce, butter hot pot base material, red oil hot pot base material and other substances with particles in the condiment and high concentration sticky sauces.

What is the main reason for metal detector to occupy the market?

We all know that the function of the metal detector is to detect whether there are metal impurities in the product, and then separate the products containing metal impurities through manual separation or automatic rejection device according to the prompts, the purpose of this is to make the product safer. So, in addition to this function, what other functions does the metal detector have?

What is the application and working principle of the checkweigher?

Checkweigher is an automatic checkweighing equipment for production lines in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, daily chemical and other industries. 

What is the correct way to use a checkweigher?

Different series of dynamic checkweighers of each brand will have corresponding instruction manuals. Before using, purchase users should read them carefully and be familiar with the keys and functions of the products.

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