What is the main reason for metal detector to occupy the market?

We all know that the function of the metal detector is to detect whether there are metal impurities in the product, and then separate the products containing metal impurities through manual separation or automatic rejection device according to the prompts, the purpose of this is to make the product safer. So, in addition to this function, what other functions does the metal detector have?

What is the application and working principle of the checkweigher?

Checkweigher is an automatic checkweighing equipment for production lines in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, daily chemical and other industries. 

What is the correct way to use a checkweigher?

Different series of dynamic checkweighers of each brand will have corresponding instruction manuals. Before using, purchase users should read them carefully and be familiar with the keys and functions of the products.

How to choose a good quality checkweigher?

Nowadays, the application range of automatic online checkweighers has become more and more extensive. It can be used in various environments, and it seems that it exists in all walks of life. 

Why can the metal detector know whether there is metal in the product?

I believe that many manufacturers have such a question, why can the metal detector know whether there is metal in the product? At present, metal detectors are mainly used in the food industry, and we will use metal detectors commonly used in the food industry.

Why Does The Checkweigher Not Work?

Correct use of checkweighers can not only eliminate unqualified products, but also prevent unqualified products from entering the market and cause losses to the company. 

What effect does the environment have on the checkweigher ?

I hope the above information will be helpful to you. If you have a demand for checkweighers, you can choose Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. Welcome to consult~

Why are the prices of checkweigher different?

The application of checkweigher in the food industry is very important, and the reputation of consumers is very important for food companies. In order to accumulate excellent consumer reputation, excellent product quality is necessary, so in terms of quality control, food companies pay special attention. Therefore, these enterprises will definitely prepare a sorting scale. The function of the checkweigher is to detect whether the weight of the product is qualified. 

What is the value of the checkweigher?

Everyone in life has been exposed to various types of weighing equipment, such as checkweighers. This product can provide you with various services, and today you can learn more about the value of this product.

How does the checkweigher ensure the food weight range?

The food checkweigher sold by Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. adopts all stainless steel design, and has good waterproof and anti-corrosion performance. This food checkweigher belt is made of white PU material, which conforms to the US FDA standard and can directly transport unpackaged food. The food checkweigher reduces labor waste and greatly improves the qualification rate of products.

What are the common problems of metal detector failures?

When using a metal detector, the equipment will age due to long-term use or irregular use, which may be the main reason for the current failure of the metal detector. The probability of metal detector failure is actually not high, but once it happens, it will bring a lot of trouble to the manufacturer. In the production process of the product, using a metal detector to detect the product can effectively ensure that the product will not be contaminated by metal during production.

How do people feel when they eat metal in food?

The metal detector of Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. can be used to detect foreign metal objects mixed in food, which can not only help food manufacturers comply with relevant national regulations, but also improve product quality, protect the reputation of enterprises, and improve their reputation in the minds of consumers. Brand.

What changes have taken place in the current metal detector?

Compared with previous years, the current metal detectors have undergone significant changes and are favored by various enterprises. At present, the use of metal detectors is very common, and most manufacturers have metal detectors to ensure the safety of their products, so as to effectively prevent products containing metal substances from flowing into the hands of consumers.

What effect does Hertz have on the detection accuracy of metal detectors?

The characteristics of the food metal detector are also related to the nature of the metal to be detected. Its sensitivity to product detection also depends entirely on the corresponding direction of the metal, and the detection effect of different positions is also different.

Why adjust the sensitivity before using the metal detector?

The standard operation of the metal detector is a skill that the operator must have. Only when the various steps of the metal detector are correctly operated, the metal detector will not have redundant failures, and the metal detection can be guaranteed. 

Which products are metal detectors suitable for?

As a professional equipment for metal detection, metal detectors can be used in various industries. Due to the wide variety of metal detectors, the application industries are also more diverse.

How to choose the reject equipment style of the checkweigher?

Because the specifications and configurations of the products need to be understood, different products have different specifications, and different configurations have different prices. So for the actual price, please contact our customer service or call our order number. We will reply you as soon as possible and sincerely hope to cooperate with you, thank you!

Metal detectors are the key to improving customer satisfaction.

The importance of metal detector application is not only in detection, its balance principle can make the produced products more reliable. Metal detectors can be used in product marketing to let consumers know that companies use metal detectors, which can prevent products containing metal foreign objects from entering the hands of consumers.

What is the difference between a bag-feeding packaging machine and a fully automatic bag-feeding packaging machine?

The difference between the bag-feeding packaging machine and the automatic bag-feeding packaging machine

What are the three filling methods of the automatic filling machine?

The automatic filling machine is mainly used in the processing of fluids, pastes and viscous bodies. Let's take a brief look at these three filling methods.

1. Atmospheric pressure filling

2. Negative pressure filling

3. Isobaric filling

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