Customized 2-Lane SG-1X Check Weigher !

2024-04-26 16:22:54

2-Lane SG-1X Check Weigher is used to check whether the single bag weight is conformed to the present weight or not and auto remove the unqualified products by the rejection device.

Customized 2-Lane SG-1X Check Weigher

Customized 2-Lane SG-1X Check Weigher

Standard Features

1. An LCD screen displays the weight of two channels at the same time, without interfering with each other and weighing independently.

2. Lifting type to remove unqualified products.

3. Multiple channels can be customized to improve production efficiency.

4. Chinese and English operation interface.

5. Built-in report statistics. Keep track of production status at any time.

6. Three-level operation authority management, supporting self-set password.

7. Can weigh various products.

Customized 2-Lane SG-1X Check Weigher

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