How Does A Weigh Labeler Work?

2023-05-19 16:31:40
Workflow of automatic Weigh Labeling Machine woekflow:

Before the weighing machine works, set the standard weight and overrun deviation of each box of objects (for example: standard weight 20g, lower deviation 2g, upper deviation 2g). When the equipment is working normally, the object passes through the weighing machine, and the weighing machine weighs the actual weight of the object.

If the actual weight is less than 18g or greater than 22g. The weighing machine alarms and stops, waiting for workers to deal with unqualified products, or an automatic rejecting device to automatically remove unqualified products without stopping the machine.

If the object is within the standard weight range, the weighing machine will send a weight information to the printing and scanning control industrial computer through the RS232 interface.

The industrial computer controls the automatic printing and labeling machine to print out the corresponding label according to the printing template preset by the customer and automatically paste it on the box under test. The barcode scanner will automatically read the barcode information and send it to the industrial computer for barcode data storage. (optional)

weigh labeling machine


1. Program storage function

Users can preset the setting parameters for various products (such as: label quantity, delay time, alarm processing method, etc.)

2. Multiple labeling methods

Pneumatic, blowing, sweeping and other methods are available for users to choose, which can meet the labeling requirements of different occasions/different items.

3. Counter function

A variety of counter functions are convenient for users to understand and follow up production conditions, material conditions, label usage, etc. Different counting methods can greatly improve the flexibility of users for different production and statistical needs.

4. Alarm function

When a fault occurs, the system will pop up corresponding alarm information or shut down, so that users can clearly understand the fault situation. (Optional alarm methods include: "close/open" signal and "stop/non-stop" command, etc.).

5. Real-time printing and labeling leak-proof function

The function of automatic label replenishment (reprinting) can be selected to meet special needs such as production lines.

6. Flexible editing software

Compatible with most Chinese/English label editing software, printing content editing has strong flexibility.

7. Extended functions

It can be connected to other equipment (such as: barcode reader, electronic bang, testing equipment or other industrial equipment, etc.) to form an integrated system to meet the user's complex production management and logistics monitoring application requirements.

8. Connection function

Connect with the main system through Ethernet to achieve the purpose of real-time management and system integration, eliminating the need to configure the control computer on site.

9. Easy to install

Vertical bracket, easy to adjust; large object distance tolerance, reducing the need for fine-tuning during installation.

Weigh Labeling Machine

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