Lubrication and cleaning of vertical packaging machines

2022-10-25 11:10:00

We should always lubricate and clean the vertical packaging machine in the process of using it, so as to ensure the normal operation of the vertical packaging machine.

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1. Lubrication

1. Regularly add oil lubrication to the meshing parts of each gear, the oil filling hole of the bearing seat and each moving part.

2. After the vertical packaging machine has been running for 300 hours, clean it and replace the lubricating oil. When we add lubricating oil, we must not drop oil on the drive belt to prevent slippage and loss or premature aging of the belt.

2. Cleaning

1. After the machine is shut down, it is necessary to clean the metering part, and the packaged materials with high sugar content such as granules. It is necessary to clean the turntable and the feeding door every shift.

2. In order to ensure that the sealing lines of the finished packaging bags are clear, we need to clean the heat sealer body frequently.

3. When there are scattered materials, it needs to be cleaned up in time so as not to affect the life of the vertical packaging machine.

4. Clean the light-emitting head of the photoelectric switch to ensure its reliable operation.

5. In order to prevent electrical faults such as short circuit or poor contact, we need to clean the dust in the electric control box frequently.

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