The rapid development of packaging machines!

2022-10-22 14:16:32

Packaging machines play a very important role in the industrial field and are closely related to people's lives. Maybe many people know the role of packaging machines.

With the emergence of new packaging materials and the continuous innovation of packaging technology, packaging machines have been developed. Historically, the papermaking technology invented in China provided the conditions for the production of paper packaging. In 1850, world paper prices fell sharply, and paper packaging began to be used in food. In 1852, Worley invented the paper bag machine in the United States, the emergence of paper products machinery. In 1861, Germany established the world's first packaging machinery factory, and in 1911 produced fully automatic forming filling and sealing machines. In 1890, the United States began to produce liquid filling machines, and in 1902, gravity filling machines were produced. In the early 20th century, Durand in England used metal containers to preserve food, resulting in a variety of canned foods.

packaging machine

Since the 1960s, new materials have gradually replaced traditional packaging materials, especially after the use of plastic packaging materials, packaging machinery has undergone major changes. The rise of supermarkets has put forward new requirements for commodity packaging. In order to ensure the fast and safe transportation of goods, the container came into being, and the size of the main body of the container was gradually standardized and serialized, which promoted the further improvement and development of packaging machinery.

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