What Are The Advantages Of Multi-Lane Check Weigher Machine?

2023-09-02 16:34:05

When you can place multiple conveyors checkweigher side-by-side, you can increase production speed without compromising accuracy or repeatability.When you invest in a Multi-lane Checkweigher, you can benefit from the efficiency and accuracy needed to thoroughly inspect your products.

Multi-Lane Check Weigher Machine

Technical Parameters


Weighing scope:2-300g

Restrictions of product:L:180 W:40 H:2-20(mm)

Accuracy:±0.01g (Depends on products)

Division scale:0.01g

Belt width:30mm

Highest speed:70pcs/min(one lane)

Weight of machine:about 200Kg

Powder supply:AC220V 50HZ

Power:about 300W

Main material:SUS304(Stainless Steel)

Multi-Lane Check Weigher Machine

Main Features

1. Multi-channel checkweigher has repeatability
When you use a multi-lane conveyor system, your product is weighed lane by lane to get the efficient and accurate measurements you need.
2. Efficient and space-saving design
You can save additional space in your production facility by configuring a multi-lane system. Plus, the space-saving design allows for easier integration into your production line. Multi-channel checkweighers can give you greater efficiency rather than having multiple separate lines in your factory to process your product. When you can accurately weigh multiple quantities of product simultaneously, you can significantly increase your productivity and profits.
3. Independent lane control
You can control each channel of the checkweigher. When using a multi-channel checkweigher, you can stop or start any channel as needed. Additionally, each channel can be configured for a different product or weight range for maximum system flexibility.
4. Automatic elimination
In order to further increase the efficiency of the check weighing process, a system for rejecting rejects was installed. When items exceed the optimum weight zone, they are immediately removed from the line without interrupting the flow of product on the conveyor belt.
5. Customized service
The number of detection columns can be customized according to customer needs (such as double columns, four columns, six columns, ten columns, etc.).


Multi-Lane Check Weigher Machine

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