What are the product maintenance points and warranty services?

2022-12-14 16:21:01

Maintenance points

Carry out general care for equipment by wiping, cleaning, lubricating, adjusting, etc., to maintain the health and condition of equipment.

1. Cleaning: The inside and outside of the equipment should be clean and tidy, with no oil on the sliding surfaces, no oil leakage or air leakage from all parts, and the chips, sundries and dirt around the equipment should be cleaned;

2. Neatness: tools, accessories, and workpieces (products) should be placed neatly, and pipes and lines should be organized;

3. Good lubrication: refuel or change oil on time, keep oiling, no dry friction, normal oil pressure, bright oil mark, smooth oil passage, oil quality meets the requirements, oil gun, oil cup, and linoleum are clean;

4. Abide by the operating procedures, do not use the equipment overloaded, and the protective devices of the equipment are complete, and there is no factor in time.


Warranty service

Regarding the products, the products supplied are all produced by the manufacturer,  one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance service after purchase!

About freight: The freight can be negotiated by both parties. Small pieces can be delivered by express delivery, and large pieces can be delivered by logistics. If there is a transportation method, please explain in advance!

About delivery: Once the payment arrives, our staff will confirm your order. If we have stock in stock, we will arrange delivery on the same day as the remittance; if it is out of stock, we will notify you and tell you the exact days for delivery, usually within 3-5 days. During the transportation process, we will notify the customer that the goods have been shipped and provide the tracking number of the logistics company and track the goods throughout the process to solve the customer's worries!

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