What effect does the environment have on the checkweigher ?

2023-01-12 16:50:00

Environmental requirements of Automatic Checkweigher

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1. Air flow, such as fans, air conditioners, and wind blowers in the workshop will all affect the accuracy of the checkweigher.

2. Ground vibration, due to the loud noise in the workshop, the frequent operation of the machine causes the ground vibration, and even the uneven ground in some workshops will affect the accuracy of the checkweigher.

3. Temperature and humidity, generally high temperature, low temperature and humidity will also affect the accuracy of the checkweigher. In general, the suitable working environment of the weight sorting machine is -5-40 degrees Celsius.

4. Static induction, charged objects or dust will generate static electricity when they are close to metal objects. Of course, it will also cause interference or even damage to sensitive automatic weighing machines. Therefore, anti-static measures should be prepared in advance.

5. Radio frequency interference, a variety of radio frequency interference weight sorting machine. So how to reduce and avoid this radio frequency interference.

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