What Factors Will Affect The Detection Accuracy Of Metal Detectors?

2023-04-17 16:44:11

The detection accuracy of metal detectors is affected by many factors, the following are several main factors:

Detect shape and size of items

The shape and size of the detected item have an impact on the detection accuracy. For example, a metal detector may not be able to fully detect a metal foreign object when the item is small or irregularly shaped.

Detect physical properties of items

The physical characteristics of the detected items such as density and conductivity will affect the detection accuracy of the metal detector. For example, when the detection item contains a high density of metals, the detection accuracy may be affected.

Detect environmental factors of items

The environmental factors such as temperature and humidity of the detected items will also affect the detection accuracy of the metal detector.

Sensitivity settings for metal detectors

The sensitivity setting of the metal detector will directly affect its detection accuracy. If the sensitivity is set too high or too low, false detection or missed detection may occur.

Calibration and Maintenance of Metal Detectors

The calibration and maintenance of metal detectors are also important factors affecting their detection accuracy.If the calibration is not accurate or the maintenance is not timely,the detection accuracy may be reduced.

Therefore, in order to maintain the detection accuracy of the metal detector,it is necessary to fully consider these factors when selecting, using, calibrating and maintaining the metal detector, and operate in strict accordance with relevant specifications and requirements.


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