What is a Check Weigher in Pharma?

2023-12-06 16:33:44

The Pharmaceutical Checkweigher is an advanced, highly automated system used to weigh and reject any product that exceeds specifications. It is designed to meet the high performance standards required by the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Checkweigher

The working principle of the pharmaceutical inspection scale is mainly to weigh the product and compare it with the preset standard. If the product weight meets the standard, it will be allowed to proceed to the next step.If the product weight exceeds or is insufficient, the inspection scale will The product will be automatically rejected to ensure the quality of the product.

In addition, pharmaceutical inspection scales come with advanced features such as smart software and mechanical features that can play an important role in monitoring and optimizing the process, ensuring reliable and stable product transfer.

Pharmaceutical Checkweigher

In general, pharmaceutical inspection scales play an important role in the pharmaceutical production process. It can effectively prevent products that do not meet the standard weight from entering the market, ensure the quality of the product, and also improve production efficiency and profitability.

Pharmaceutical Checkweigher

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