What is Check Weigher in Pharma?

2024-01-12 16:43:22

In the pharmaceutical industry, a check weighing device or check weight machine is used to perform a final quality control check on tablets, capsules,or other solid dosage forms before packaging.The device is designed to compare the weight of each unit dose with the specified weight tolerance and ensure that it falls within the acceptable range.This helps to ensure that the dosages are accurate and consistent, and that the product meets the required specifications for weight uniformity and accuracy.


Check weighing machine are typically equipped with sensors,digital displays, and printers to provide real-time feedback on the results. They may also include features such as automatic batch control, data logging, and alarms to help monitor and manage the process.


The use of check weighing devices in the pharmaceutical industry is critical to ensuring the quality and safety of medicines. By verifying the correct weight of each dose, manufacturers can help minimize the risk of errors or defects in the production process, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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