What is the Purpose of Using a Food Metal Detector?

2023-10-23 16:36:42

Food Metal Detectors are used to detect metal, and it is also a very important link in food safety testing.This kind of detection equipment is one of the most common equipment for detecting metals in food companies. Let’s talk about the purpose of using food metal detectors in detail.


The purpose of using edible metal detectors can be mainly divided into the following three points:

1) Avoid physical harm

During the harvesting and subsequent processing of raw materials, due to incorrect methods or some unavoidable factors, foreign matter is mixed in. These substances (such as sharp metal shavings) can cause harm to the body of consumers, and in severe cases, can be life-threatening. We This is generally attributed to physical hazards.

2) Reduce consumer complaints

At present, complaints about product problems are very common among food companies, and there are many examples of complaints caused by foreign matter intrusion. Therefore, how to eliminate foreign matter mixed in raw materials, prevent foreign matter from entering during the packaging process, and find and separate the mixed foreign matter has become an important research topic.

3) Improve product quality

The use of food metal detectors can not only improve the quality of products, but also maintain the good image of the company, the rights and interests of consumers, and protect the personal safety and health of consumers.


In recent years, more and more manufacturing companies have become aware of food safety issues and have continuously introduced foreign object detection equipment (especially food metal detectors) to achieve the purpose of detecting metal foreign objects.

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