Why can the metal detector know whether there is metal in the product?

2023-02-03 14:16:55

I believe that many manufacturers have such a question, why can the metal detector know whether there is metal in the product? At present, metal detectors are mainly used in the food industry, and we will use metal detectors commonly used in the food industry.

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The process of the Metal Detector on the product production line is the five steps of startup, testing, transportation, detection and elimination, among which there are four structural devices: detection device, transmission device, control unit and disassembly device. It can be known that there are metal detection devices as well. It is called the detection probe. When the product is close to the test probe, it can know that it does not contain metal. It will be affected by the magnetic field, because the test probe will be balanced by the magnetic field of each line after it is energized. It is tested by the magnetic field. Of course, the sensitivity of the product will also be affected. If the test piece is under the condition of high sensitivity, the magnetic field can be controlled centrally. When the product enters the detection port, the metal detection probe is used for metal detection. If there is metal, the balanced magnetic field is broken so that the metal detector can know that the product contains metal. But there are also misjudgments, mainly because the surrounding environment interferes with the magnetic field, so when using the metal detector, make sure that nothing can interfere with the magnetic field.

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