Automatic direct paste weigh labeling machine price manufacturer, real-time dynamic weigh labeling machine

2022-11-04 12:01:43

Product Introduction

The Automatic direct paste weigh labeling machine price manufacturer, real-time dynamic weigh labeling machine is a machine for retail, trade and industrial sectors. Meet the diverse needs of customers for weighing and labeling. Excellent performance, compact body design helps you save production space.If you are interested in our real-time dynamic weigh labeling machine,please contact us!

real-time dynamic weigh labeling machine

Specification Parameter

Labeling speed: 70-90 pieces/min

Display: 12-inch touch screen

Label size: small 20mm*20mm large 120mm*120mm

Customizable (any)

Body material: all stainless steel

Weighing range: 1500g/3000g/6000g

Weighing accuracy: e=0.5g/e=1g /e=2g

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Automatic direct paste weigh labeling machine

Main Features

1. Original printer system;

2. Powerful real-time communication module, which can realize multi-function and multi-category demand docking;

3. It is flexible and convenient to use, and can be matched with other production lines;

4. Various types of reading and scanning equipment can be selected, which can be connected to the computer to facilitate data and production management.



Package & Shipping

Our products can be shipped by sea, air and land.


After Sale Service

1.Replacement within seven days, warranty within one year, and lifetime maintenance. Before the products are sold, we will go through strict inspection, and the products you sign for have no quality problems.

2.The products provided to customers are all produced by the original factory, and have factory data accessories.

3.During the warranty period, our company will repair the damaged parts due to quality reasons, and the damage of the parts outside the warranty period. The provided accessories only charge the cost. If the equipment is damaged due to human factors, the parts repaired or provided by our company are calculated at the cost.

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