Metal detectors are the key to improving customer satisfaction.

2022-11-15 15:33:21

The application range of metal detectors is very wide. This is because most industries are inseparable from metal detectors. Even in the production of clothing fabrics, metal detectors are required for detection. In the production process, there may be some residual Needles on clothing, or some metal that has fallen from other equipment and remains on the product. The metal detector can quickly detect products containing foreign metal objects, which is convenient for us to separate. In order to ensure product safety, the use of metal detectors is indeed a good method.

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The importance of metal detector application is not only in detection, its balance principle can make the produced products more reliable. Metal detectors can be used in product marketing to let consumers know that companies use metal detectors, which can prevent products containing metal foreign objects from entering the hands of consumers.


When the metal detector is used, it can also improve the work efficiency of the manufacturer through its conveying device and automatic rejection device. The conveying device can make the product flow directly to the destination, and cooperate with its automatic rejection system, which can effectively improve the work efficiency. Once metal is detected , it will trigger the automatic rejection device to separate out the products containing metal foreign bodies without stopping production.

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