Choose "Dynamic weighing" or "Static Weighing"?

2023-06-07 17:11:58

When we have material weighing needs, should we choose "dynamic weighing" or "static weighing"? What are the differences? How can we choose the right weighing instrument so that it can play its due role? Hope this article can help you!


1. Definition:

1). There are currently two types of weighing instruments: one is non-automatic weighing instruments and the other is automatic weighing instruments.

A non-automatic weighing instrument refers to a weighing instrument that requires manual intervention by the operator during the weighing process to determine the weighing result.

An automatic weighing instrument refers to a weighing instrument that can automatically handle weighing according to a preset program without manual intervention during the weighing process.

2). There are two weighing modes during the use of the scale: one is static weighing and the other is dynamic weighing.

Static weighing means that there is no relative movement between the load being weighed and the load carrier of the scale, and static weighing is always discontinuous.

Dynamic weighing means that there is relative motion between the load to be weighed and the carrier of the scale, and dynamic weighing may be continuous or discontinuous.


2. The weighing mode of the two scales:

1). Non-automatic weighing instruments: Most of the non-automatic weighing instruments are static weighing products, and they are all non-continuous weighing, such as "desk scales", "platform scales", "platform scales" and so on.

2). Automatic weighing instruments: Automatic weighing instruments can be divided into three categories according to their weighing modes:

(1) Continuous dynamic weighing

Continuous accumulative automatic weighing instrument belongs to continuous dynamic weighing, because this type of weighing instrument is an automatic weighing instrument that continuously weighs bulk materials on the conveyor belt without interrupting the movement of the conveyor belt.

(2) Discontinuous static weighing

This type of product automatically and accurately weighs each batch of bulk materials under a preset program. However, there is no relative movement of the material in the carrier, and no matter how much the value is weighed every time, the material always stays still in the carrier and waits to be weighed.

(3) There are both continuous dynamic weighing and discontinuous dynamic weighing

Some weighing instruments have both discontinuous dynamic weighing and continuous dynamic weighing, such as "checkweigher", "weighing and labeling machine", "multi-level checkweigher".

A comprehensive understanding of a weighing instrument, knowing whether the weighing instrument you are facing is "dynamic weighing" or "static weighing"; whether it is "continuous weighing" or "discontinuous weighing", can you better choose the appropriate product. As a user, you can better maintain and use it correctly, so that the weighing instrument can achieve the desired effect.

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