How to Choose Pipeline Metal Detector Machine?

2023-10-10 16:42:10

Key factors in choosing the right Pipeline Metal Detector Machine:
Step 1: Determine the size of your metal detector
Non-metallic transfer pipe is required to move the pumped product through the aperture of the pipe metal detector. The bore size/diameter of the pipe will be determined by the product throughput rate.
Step 2: Consider the temperature of your product
The temperature of the product being inspected will determine the type of delivery pipe required. Heated products require delivery pipes that can withstand extremely high temperatures.
Step 3: Determine if there is pressure in the system
High temperature, high pressure non-metallic conveyor pipes are available for specific applications. The maximum system pressure must be known to ensure that the throughput pipeline can handle the expected pressure.



Step 4: Confirm accessories
Having the right fixtures to connect the pipes to the rest of the line is critical. A range of accessories, customizations are available for easy integration with other production equipment.
Step 5: Select a culling system
The correct rejection system depends on product characteristics. Three-way diverter valves can be used for most liquid or soft slurry applications, but if any solid elements are present in the product stream, a specialized rejection mechanism may be required.




The pipeline metal detection system provided by Shanghai Shigan Industrial helps ensure the best performance of your product inspection plan.

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