Why Use a Bottle and Can Checkweigher?

2023-09-28 16:34:44

With the rise of automated production,filling,packaging and other processes in food,daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries have gradually become intelligent and automated.The emergence of online checkweighers (weighing machines) has automated the subsequent weight or loading detection of the above-mentioned processes, greatly improving product quality and production efficiency in various industries.

clamping translation checkweigher

In the high-speed production lines of pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical, hardware, electronics and other industries, there are many cylindrical products that need to be weighed one by one and rejected.

If an ordinary belt scale is used to measure cylindrical objects (such as medicine bottles, oral liquids, cans, etc.), since the belt conveyor on the weighing belt is very heavy, the measuring range of the weighing sensor must be large, and the resolution will naturally be low and the accuracy not tall. Moreover, the production line speed is very fast, the weighing time of the bottles on the weighing belt is short, and coupled with the interference of the rotating part of the weighing belt, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of the weighing process. In addition, bottles can easily tip over when moving between belts, causing a lot of trouble in subsequent processes such as labeling and scanning.

clamping translation checkweigher

The clamping translation checkweigher developed by Shanghai Shiqian Industrial Co., Ltd. can effectively solve the checkweighing problems caused by the above complex working conditions. Through the queuing belt and queuing drive device with simple structure and low manufacturing cost, the cylindrical products to be weighed are arranged at a certain distance on the moving queuing belt. A buffer table can also be configured so that the bottles can be arranged without stacking after weighing. Orderly and convenient for subsequent operations.

The bottle and can checkweigher (weighing machine) is suitable for bottles and cans of various sizes. It has fast speed, high precision, simple structure, and particularly stable accuracy and performance when working for a long time.

clamping translation checkweigher

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