How To Solve The Food Safety Problem?

2023-05-27 17:19:26

With the development of economy, the problem of food safety becomes more and more prominent. Today, Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. will provide you with an introduction to Food Metal Detectors for your reference!

There are two main sources of metal foreign matter in food raw materials, raw and auxiliary materials, biochemical raw materials, and food and drug preparations:

One is the raw materials and auxiliary materials used in production.

The second is mixed in the production process.


Although there are strict quality management procedures in the production process, such as GMP, HACCP and other quality management standards, and corresponding control measures have been taken for the mixing of metal foreign matter, it is impossible to completely avoid it.

1. Metal foreign matter introduced by production equipment. If the equipment is subjected to high temperature, high pressure, wear, acid, alkali, ethanol and other organic solvents for a long time, the iron filings will fall off or rust. This is a major source of mixed metal foreign matter in products. Old defective parts, parts on the conveyor belt, broken wires of stainless steel screens, slicers, shredder blades, etc. are all hidden dangers of metal foreign matter.

2. Plant medicinal materials, animal cartilage or organs are contaminated by metal particles during placement or transportation due to the introduction of metal mixtures into raw and auxiliary materials, and are not cleaned during production.

3. Man-made reasons, such as buttons, keys, coins, rings, necklaces, etc.

4. Production site maintenance. Such as forgetting screwdrivers, screws, nuts, welding slag, and incomplete cleaning of metal shavings.

5. The production process is defective. For example, some powdered products are not screened before packaging.

The hazards of metal foreign bodies mainly include:

1. There are potential safety hazards. Metal objects can scrape teeth and cut or clog the mouth and throat.

2. Metal foreign bodies often contain heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and mercury. If you eat foods and health foods containing metals for a long time, it will cause subtle adverse effects on the human body.

3. Metal foreign matter mixes and damages other production equipment.

4. Bring consumers an unpleasant consumption experience, make consumers feel uncomfortable, disgusted, and disgusted, and seriously cause damage to the company's reputation; even cause economic losses.


Therefore, the food and drug production process requires food metal detectors to detect metal impurities mixed in the production and processing process, improve the product quality of the enterprise, and improve the product safety factor of the enterprise.

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