What Are The Advantages Of Mechanized Weighing Sorter?

2023-05-31 16:58:12

With the development of seafood agricultural technology and the improvement of economic consumption level, there are more and more varieties of seafood, and people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of seafood. In order to improve the processing quality and product grade of products, strict quality classification and specification classification are required to meet diverse needs.

Most sorting products on the market rely on manual sorting. The main disadvantages of manual sorting are: large labor force, low productivity, unstable sorting accuracy; sorting is difficult to achieve fast, accurate and non-destructive.

Shanghai Shigan's Multi-Level Sorting Checkweigher structure is more standardized and popular. The automatic sorting machine can be embedded in the production line, and the production line of large and small workshops can be customized. High sorting efficiency and low sorting cost.


Features of weight sorting machine:

1. Weighing and sorting system;

2. 13 years of enterprise production line weighing customer application verification, stable and reliable;

3. The weighing part structure adopts high-precision digital weighing sensor device;

4. Automatic zero point tracking function;

5. The system and frame structure adopt a unique dynamic weighing anti-interference function;

6. The maximum checking accuracy of the equipment is ±0.1g;

10. Choice of Chinese and English versions, personalized operating system design;

11. Automatic storage of production data, statistical report function, and quick understanding of production status;

12. RS232 and RS485 communication protocol ports can be added to realize the interconnection and intercommunication between devices.

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