Intelligent Checkweiger Is Widely Used In The Industry !

2023-07-05 17:15:18

Dynamic weighing equipment has a wide range of applications, mainly used in the food and beverage industry (overweight and underweight of FCL/bag/can/bottle), pharmaceutical industry (detection of missing pills and tablets), daily chemical industry (paper towels, sanitary napkins) , laundry detergent, FCL/bag/bottle of laundry detergent).

multi-lane checkweigher

Online checkweigher equipment can 100% test each product. By setting the weight acceptance range, it is possible to detect whether the product is overweight or underweight. Qualified products flow to the conveyor line, and unqualified products are directly alarmed and rejected. Ensure that the quantity and net content of products meet the specifications and requirements, maintain the company's reputation, and improve customer satisfaction. Protect the company from customer complaints.


Shanghai Shigan has many types of checkweighers, including small-range checkweighers, large-range checkweighers, multi-level checkweighers, multi-lane checkweighers, capsule tablet checkweighers,metal detector and checkweigher combo for various industries. One machine, etc. If you want to know which product is suitable for you, you can contact us. Our professionals will recommend the most suitable type for you and accept customized services.

metal detector and checkweigher combo

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