Latest Metal Detector Types

2024-04-10 16:52:50

Here are 6 types of Metal Detector:

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The use of high-speed digital signal processing devices and intelligent algorithms improves detection accuracy and stability. It has high detection sensitivity for metal foreign matter mixed in products, and can easily detect common metal impurities mixed in products.


Gravity Feed Metal Detector

It is suitable for the environment of bulk materials falling by gravity, and detects and removes metal-contaminated products.



It is designed to detect differences in the inherent properties (relative permeability) of metals in magnetic fields of different strengths through sensors. The most notable feature of this product is its ability to detect metals (iron, ferroalloys, stainless steel) in aluminum foil packaging.



It adopts a fully sealed detection method and is mainly used for metal detection before packaging. It can detect powders, granules, pastes and liquids. Can effectively identify various magnetic and non-magnetic small metals (such as aluminum, stainless steel, iron, etc.) in materials



It has high precision, sensitivity and stability is designed to detect tablets, capsules and granules. It is suitable for detecting and removing magnetic and non-magnetic metal foreign bodies in tablets and capsules. 



It is an online testing equipment specially designed for automatic packaging lines. It can not only realize precise control of product weight but also detect metal foreign objects at the same time, and automatically remove products with unqualified weight and foreign objects from the production line.

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