Metal Detection Machines

2024-04-16 15:48:57

1. What is a metal detector and how does it work?

Metal detectors are instruments used to detect metal impurities.

Metal detectors consist of transmitters and receiving sensors.When the metal passes through the electromagnetic field generated by the transmitter, the signal received by the receiving sensor changes.Electronics in the metal detector detect this change and determine whether the change is caused by metal.If metal is found, an alarm or reject action is performed.

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2. What does metal detection do for you?

Metal detectors are usually used for two reasons.

(1) Protect your valuable equipment or critical equipment

(2) Make sure your product has no metal foreign matter

If there is a piece of metal debris unknowingly mixed in your mill, slicer, ,cutter equipment or packing machine , it will inevitably cause damage to your equipment.It is more important for you to keep the quality of your products perfect. If metal impurities are found in your final product, it could damage your company's image and reputation.


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