What are the Rejection Methods for Checkweighers?

2023-11-18 16:54:56

There are many ways to reject checkweighers, common ones include swing arm type, sliding type, push rod type, air blowing type and split flow type. These rejection methods are selected based on the shape and weight of the product to achieve precise rejection operations.

checkweigher type.jpg

Swing arm type rejection method: The swing arm type rejection method is characterized by its high speed and the ability to remove products on both sides at the same time. It is suitable for boxed products, etc.

Sliding type removal method: The sliding type removal method is characterized by medium speed and is suitable for the removal of special products, such as flaky and thin products.

Push-rod removal method: The push-rod removal method is characterized by average speed but accurate removal. It is suitable for general products and a wide range of weights.

Air blowing removal method: The air blowing removal method is characterized by ultra-fast speed and relatively safe operation. It is suitable for products with light weight, small volume and low density.

Split-flow rejection method: The split-flow rejection method shunts products into different channels to achieve rejection. The specific diversion method can be designed according to the characteristics of the product.

剔除方式 (2).jpg

The choice of these rejection methods depends on product characteristics and production needs. Different elimination methods may differ in speed, accuracy, and scope of application, so selection and adjustment need to be made based on specific circumstances in actual applications.

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