What is the application and working principle of the checkweigher?

2023-02-08 15:41:29

Checkweigher is an automatic checkweighing equipment for production lines in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, daily chemical and other industries. It can detect online in real time whether the weight of the products in the production line is qualified, whether there are missing parts in the package or the product weight is archived to ensure that the product is 100% qualified.


The working principle of the checkweigher is to complete the detection of the weight of the product during the conveying process of the product, and compare the measured weight with the preset movement range, and the controller issues an instruction to reject the unqualified products, or put the weight range. products are distributed to designated areas. It consists of weighing conveyor, controller, and feeding and discharging conveyor. The weighing conveyor completes the weight signal collection and sends the weight signal to the controller for processing. Feed conveyors ensure spacing between products primarily through high speeds. The outfeed conveyor is used to complete the inspection and the product is conveyed away from the weighing area.

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Working process: The product of the previous production line enters the speed-increasing unit of the equipment, and the product enters the weighing unit neatly and equidistantly after being guided and accelerated, and when it passes through the photoelectric switch at the front end of the weighing unit, the device starts to automatically weigh the product. At the same time, the equipment compares the original standard weight value and upper and lower limit values, and automatically sorts out qualified products and overweight and underweight products, and outputs qualified products.

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