What is the correct way to use a checkweigher?

2023-02-06 15:31:46

1、Manual of Dynamic Checkweigher

Different series of dynamic checkweighers of each brand will have corresponding instruction manuals. Before using, purchase users should read them carefully and be familiar with the keys and functions of the products.

2、dynamic checkweigher operator

Operators of dynamic checkweighers need to undergo professional training and must be familiar with all the functions of the equipment before they can operate the equipment and make the equipment run. Operators also need to understand some troubleshooting skills. When equipment fails, they can find and repair in time to reduce losses.

3、The principle of correct use of dynamic checkweighers

Improper use of dynamic checkweighers can cause harm to people, or damage the equipment itself and other properties. It can only be operated under the premise of good technical safety. Any possible imbalance problems, especially safety problems, must be excluded, and The device is only used for dynamic weighing and static weighing, other applications are prohibited.

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