What is the sorting principle of online dynamic checkweigher?

2022-12-02 15:54:06

Sorting principle of online dynamic checkweigher

 1. The product enters the feed conveyor, and the speed setting of the feed conveyor is determined according to the distance between the products and the required speed. The purpose is to ensure that only one product can be weighed by the online dynamic checkweigher during the work process. area;


 2. When the product enters the online dynamic checkweigher, the system can determine the time when the product leaves the weighing conveyor according to the external signal, the running speed of the online dynamic checkweigher and the length of the conveyor. From the time when the product enters the weighing platform to when it leaves the weighing platform, the load cell will detect the signal, and the controller selects the signal in the signal stable area for processing, and the weight of the product can be obtained;


 3. When the controller gets the weight signal of the product, the system will compare it with the preset weight range to filter the product, and the form of elimination will be different according to the actual product. Since Shanghai Shigan has been engaged in the manufacture of checkweighers for 10 years, it has explored five major rejection methods, which can be adapted to most materials, namely: flap type (suitable for medium hard-packed products), air blowing type (suitable for products below 800g) Small package), drop type (thin, not easy to slide, easily damaged items), push plate type (suitable for hard packaging. Plastic film must be installed with a reject brush) and diversion guide type (suitable for customers who need diversion products).

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