What Precautions Should be Taken When Using Check Weigher?

2024-05-07 15:32:01

How to use a Checkweigher ?

The operation of the Checkweigher mainly includes startup preparation, parameter setting, startup detection, data processing and other steps.

Before starting up - check whether the power supply and wiring are correct, and make sure there are no interference from other objects.

After starting up - set parameters through the touch screen control panel, such as product type, weight range, etc. After the detection is started, the checkweigher will detect the weight of the passed products and display the data on the control interface in real time.

The checkweigher will also automatically classify products and reject unqualified products according to the set weight range.

Check Weigher


When using a checkweigher, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Ensure stable power supply and avoid voltage fluctuations or air flow from affecting the weighing accuracy.

Calibrate regularly to maintain checkweigher accuracy.

Avoid placing non-test items on the scale platform to avoid affecting the checkweighing results.

Observe and record any abnormal performance during the weighing process, and contact technical personnel promptly if necessary.

Check Weigher

common problem

Problems that may arise during use of the checkweigher include:

The weight display is inaccurate or deviates from the standard weight.

A fault warning occurs during the checkweighing process.

The conveyor belt is not moving smoothly or is malfunctioning.

The emergency stop button cannot return to normal after being pressed by mistake.

Check Weigher


Check and eliminate factors that may cause errors, such as ambient temperature, air flow, etc.

Recalibrate or calibrate the checkweigher.

Check the conveyor belt for damage or deflection and adjust or replace it.

When the emergency stop button is pressed by mistake, release the emergency stop button after confirming safety.

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