How to choose the right checkweigher for your company?

2022-11-25 15:15:34

Step 1: Determine the checkweigher series according to the size, weight range and use of the products to be sorted.

If the weight is less than 300g, the size is 150*90*30mm, the model SG-150 is selected, and the belt width is 150mm and the range is less than 500g.

Step 2: Determine the grades to be sorted, whether it is three grades or five grades. Different grades have different prices. The more grades, the higher the price. Currently our factory can sort up to 12 grades.

Step 3: Determine the height and width of your company's assembly line (if your company has it).

Step 4: Determine the optional functions you need, such as USB storage data, real-time transmission of weight data, alarms, etc.

In order to provide more accurate parameters, plans and quotations, it is recommended that you contact the staff of our company to help you complete the selection.

In addition, our company's products support customization, to provide you with a checkweigher suitable for your company!


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