Why adjust the sensitivity before using the metal detector?

2022-11-26 16:36:51

The standard operation of the metal detector is a skill that the operator must have. Only when the various steps of the metal detector are correctly operated, the metal detector will not have redundant failures, and the metal detection can be guaranteed. The smooth operation of the equipment ensures the production efficiency of the manufacturer. If the correct operation steps are not known, it is necessary to formulate the operating procedures of the metal detector to make the production efficiency of the manufacturer higher.

metal detector

When the metal detector is running, it mainly checks its sensitivity first to ensure that the detection accuracy is high enough. What the operator has to do is to debug and test the sensitivity, and use the test block to test its sensitivity. After adjusting the sensitivity to the ideal state, it can be used for detection. The object to be inspected enters the detection area through the transmission of the conveyor belt. During daily maintenance of the equipment, the conveyor belt must be cleaned correctly and in time to keep it clean to avoid residues of impurities and reduce detection errors.

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