Which products are metal detectors suitable for?

2022-11-24 14:06:22

As a professional equipment for metal detection, metal detectors can be used in various industries. Due to the wide variety of metal detectors, the application industries are also more diverse.

Food Metal Detector

Metal detectors can detect products containing metal impurities, and are widely used in food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The use of metal detectors can not only ensure the safety of products purchased by consumers, but also establish a good brand image for manufacturers.

Push Plate Reject Metal Detector

The metal detector is suitable for food, medicine, beverage, textile, construction, etc., including dumplings, soup, candy, canned food, ham sausage, fresh meat, sauce, food, medicine, food seasoning, etc. It can also be applied For toys, clothing and other daily chemical industries, improve product quality, so that consumers can buy with confidence, use with confidence, and eat with confidence.

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