Where are the technical applications of metal detectors mainly reflected?

2022-11-17 15:25:00

Metal detectors are used to detect whether there are metal foreign bodies in food, medicine, toys and other products, so as to prompt us to remove products containing metal foreign bodies, which can prevent unqualified products from entering the market.

metal detector

The technical application of metal detector is mainly reflected in its detection head, control panel, conveying system and automatic rejection system.

The detection head technology of the metal detector is embodied in the magnetic field formed by the coil, which consists of a transmitting coil and two receiving coils to form a balanced magnetic field. When a metal enters a magnetic field, it affects the balance of the magnetic field. Then you can tell if the product contains metals.

metal detector

The technical level of the metal detector control system is reflected in that it can control the operation of the metal detector, make the equipment operate normally, and control the sensitivity of the detection head.

The metal detector conveying system and automatic rejection system technology reflect the advantages of mechanical combination, which can make the products be detected and rejected by the metal detector smoothly, and the products with metal are rejected out of the production line.

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