Economical High-Sensitivity Tablet/Granule Dedicated Metal Detector Machine

Economical High-Sensitivity Tablet/Granule Dedicated Metal Detector Machine

Economical High-Sensitivity Tablet/Granule Dedicated Metal Detector Machine can handle various types of medicines.In order to save space,a more compact rack design is adopted.


Product Summarize

Tablet/Granule Metal Detector Machine

Product Parameter

Feed port height and size: Height: 770-930mm Feed port size: 76mm

Height and size of outlet: Height: 770-860mm Size of outlet: 51mm

Effective passing size: W70*H20mm

Maximum production capacity: 500,000 pcs/hour

Detection sensitivity: Fe: 0.4mm, stainless steel: 0.6mm

Machine weight: 75kg

Removal method: flip culling

Working voltage: 220V/110V, 50/60HZ

Equipment dimensions: 1115*550 (1280-1400) mm

High-Sensitivity Metal Detector Machine

Product Characteristics

1. One-button intelligent operation, simple and convenient operation;

2. High-end products, with high precision, high sensitivity,Used to separate magnetic and non-magnetic metals from free-falling bulk materials.

3. It can handle various types of medicines. In order to save space, a more compact rack design is adopted.

4. For health and safety, the metal detector is made of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel;

5. Can automatically recognize product characteristics and effectively eliminate product effects;

6. The height of the probe is adjustable, and it can be customized for higher height.

Economical Metal Detector Machine

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1.Replacement within seven days,warranty within one year, and lifetime maintenance. Before the products are sold,we will go through strict inspection,and the products you sign for have no quality problems.

2.The products provided to customers are all produced by the original factory, and have factory data accessories.

3.During the warranty period,our company will repair the damaged parts due to quality reasons,and the damage of the parts outside the warranty period.The provided accessories only charge the cost.If the equipment is damaged due to human factors,the parts repaired or provided by our company are calculated at the cost.


After Sale Service


project design,performance introduction,technical agreement,contract signing,production testing and we can customized production according to your requirements.


we will provide you with the latest process in the product assembly,packing and transportation.


◎We provide videos and instruction manual to show the process of installation.

◎We provide training for installation for free in our factory.

◎We can send technician to buyer's factory to install the machine and provide training service.


◎ For our machines, we will provide some spare parts and easy broken parts free of charge when delivering. 

◎We will have one year free warranty period. During warranty period, if there is any malfunction for the machine, we will try our best to solve the problem within 24 hours. If there are some spare parts needed to be replaced, we will provide the spare parts for free. Beyond warranty, we will charge the cost price for spare parts. 


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